Seasoned Expat Experiences

During my first year in Budapest, I was taken by surprise not only once, but twice. The first surprise was the beautiful Christmas markets. Having grown up in Germany, I do know and like Christmas markets. But those in Budapest are particularly beautiful I find.
The second surprise were the ice rinks. I still haven’t been to all the different ones, I’ll try my best to go to at least one new one this year. The most beautiful is obviously is obviously the one on Városliget. It is open air, has a lot of space and the whole setting is simply wonderful. But there are others. The one at Bálna is quite nice, too – you have a wonderful view over the Duna. Just make sure it’s not too windy when you go. There is one at Marczibányi tér (across from Millenáris), at Széna tér, at Bikás Park, in Óbuda. I am sure there are plenty others. The one I want to try out next is the one on the roof of the President Hotel.
On Saturday, January 18, Hungarian For Expats will take you ice skating at Városliget, including an ice-skating lesson. Make sure you don’t miss this special event!

Jégkorcsolya – ice skating
Korcsolya – skate

Hungarian phrases in this blogpost might not be correct – after all, I am not a native. No need to worry – Hungarian for Expats Classes are given by native speakers.