In a traditional language school, it will take you a while until you learn the imperativ. Once you start, you might spend half a year learning the multiple forms that different verbs take, with all the related rules and exceptions.

However, the imperative and the conjunctive are widely used in Hungary, so you are likely to need a few expressions from the start – but definitely not the whole set. 

Here are the few expressions that you are likely to need (all formal):

⚈ Jöjön be | Come in – some shop or restaurant owner might say this to you

For kids, gyere is useful to know as it means ‘come’ informally

⚈ Forduljon, menjen | Turn, go – if you ask someone for directions

Here are two other expressions that can come handy

⚈ Bekapcsolná a taxiórát? – Would you put the taximeter on?

⚈ Kinyitná az ajtót / ablakot? – Would you open the window/ door? 

And finally Corona-related expressions

Gyakran mosson kezet | Wash your hands often – with mosni = (to) wash

Maradjon otthon | Stay at home

Tarts távolságot | Keep distance

In our classes, we only teach relevant expressions that you as an expat will need in everyday life.