Winter/ Spring Class – Full

70 000 Ft



Don’t miss out on the bright side of expat life! Ok, we agree, it is actually quite nice living here – if there was not the language. But what if you could learn everyday Hungarian? We promise, Hungarians will thank you with a smile, and you will feel much much more comfortable!

At Hungarian For Expats, we work with stories: We choose situations that you as an expat could get into, in the shop, in the street, in the hospital. Everyday Hungarian is actually easy to learn – contrary to Hungarian grammar, which can be complicated. We complement our classes with roleplay and finish off any theme with real-life practice. Going out into the real world will help you overcome your fear to speak, because what we care most about is that you succeed and feel more comfortable living here!

Buying this class entitles you to participate in one of our group classes:
• Monday mornings on the Buda side: 10.30am-12pm at Remiz Restaurant near Budagyöngye
• Wednesday mornings at Bálint Ház behind the Basilica from 10-11.30am.
• Thursday evenings at Oktatoterem near Astoria from 6.30-8pm.

What to expect from the class:
1) You will have fun! We accept a maximum number of 8 participants. The class is 13 weeks long. So you’ll interact a lot with each other.
2) You will have to talk!
3) You will complete two thematic modules.

🧒 Childcare available on request
💡 Registration required.
🏆 Certificate upon successful completion