Socializing – Course Book

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Most of the time, English will be the language you’ll socialize in. But how do you great your neighbor? How can you introduce yourself, say how old your children are? How do you talk about the weather?
Through this course book you will learn the most basic ways to socialize with other people. There are plenty of situations to apply them: With your neighbor, a curious shop assistant, other parents on the playground. Even native colleagues will appreciate a greeting in their own language and thank you with a nice smile.

If you work on the material every day, you can learn everything within two week. At the end, you will be able to

• Introduce yourself and your family to a stranger
• Talk about the weather
• Talk about your hobbies and favorite activities
• Arrange a meeting

With the purchase of this course book, you will get access to online flashcards and if you choose “Teacher please!” in addition, we will find one for you!

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