Perfect Start – Crash Course

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How can you better start expat life in Budapest?! This crash course prepares you for the most common situations that you will get into in Hungary. It is the perfect way to start learning Hungarian and connect with fellow expats.

We’ll prepare you what to say and help you to say it in practice!

Are you here for 2-3 years? Do you feel uncomfortable, because you cannot even speak Hungarian in basic situations like ordering a coffee? Then this class is made for you. It was developed by expats and is taught by Hungarian native speakers.

You will meet and have fun with other expats, and the limited number of 6 participants allows for maximum effectiveness.

It is an intensive class for busy people: You will meet five times online. The sixth practical session can be held online or in person in an outdoor setting, depending on your preference.

Once every day for 1.5 hours from Monday 3 August till Saturday 8 August at 5pm on weekdays, and 10am on Saturday morning.

This class will be most effective if you take our Intro to Hungarian beforehand. And the best – that class is free during Corona!