Entertainment Module

27 000 Ft

You deserve a little treat! Watch a movie at home or at the cinema, going to the theater, listening to music. Learn everything that is relevant for expats related to entertainment!



It’s nice to go out sometimes as an expat. But where do you go to the cinema? How do you order popcorn? These are not just the regular Hungarian classes – they are just as much about practicalities as they are about culture. Learn about Hungarian films, Hungarian music, and then go out as part of the practical session. This module will make your expat life even more pleasant!
Caution: This class involves homework – watching films and clips!
The six individual sessions (each 1.5 hours long) cover the following:
• Theatre
• Film Genres
• Cinema
• Music
• Party and Festivals
⛳ Real Life Practice ⛳

💡 Registration is required
🏆 Certificate upon successful completion