Seasoned Expat Experiences
There are few situations where I know more Hungarian than Hungarian native speakers. But this time, I did.
We were with our friend Lászlo*, when my younger daughter shouted in excitement: “Bodobács!” A few meters away from us, she pointed to some bug on the ground. “Bodobács?”, Lászlo asked. “Mi ez?” He really had no idea.
Now I wouldn’t suggest that Bodobács, or firebug in English, is a relevant word to learn for most people, but it seemed relevant for a 3-year-old – it’s one of ten Hungarian words that she knew at that time. Learning a language is all about relevance. In case you wondered: Bodobács is not part of the vocabulary taught in Hungarian For Expats classes. However, if you can make a convincing case that it is relevant for daily expat life, we might consider taking it up.

*name changed

All Hungarian for Expats Classes are given by native teachers.