Full of fun games and role plays

Years ago, my godmother’s children were going to a summer camp to learn English. Afterwards, she complained to me that her children were not really learning, they were only playing, such as playing theater. Of course, they were learning much more that way than through traditional methods.

Renowned linguists such as Stephen Krashen have long claimed that active learning takes place when we feel secure and when we are having fun.

Learning Through Stories

Stories are the oldest way to remember information, because stories create a structure to information stored in our head and can be easily remembered. That is why we develop a new story for every new topic you are learning.

Simple Simple Simple

There is no point in conveying a lot of words if you cannot remember and use those words. That is why we limit the amount of words you are learning per class. And if there is anything else you really want to know in Hungarian, we are of course happy to tell you!