Seasoned Expat Experiences
One day, I met with my friend Luca*. We talked in German as we always do, and I was curious where Luca learned to speak German so well. Sure, she makes a grammatical mistake here and there, or she uses the wrong word. But even specialized words such as “Autowaschanlage” (car wash), she knows.
So I asked: “You must have spent some time in a Germanspeaking country, right?”

Do you know what she answered? “Of course! Once, we were on vacation in Sopron [town in Western Hungary, near the Austrian border]. And one day, we even went to Austria.” I was stunned. I have never learned to speak a language without spending time in the respective country.

What I learned from that? If my friend can learn a difficult language like German fluently, despite living in another country, and despite the language being unrelated to her own, we Expats can learn Hungarian basics for sure!

*name changed

Hungarian phrases in this blogpost might not be correct – after all, I am only learning myself. No need to worry. Based on my own expat experiences, all Hungarian for Expats Classes are given by native speakers.

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