Do you help with pronunciation? I have tried to order a coffee in Hungarian and the waiter looked at me with a blank face and rolled her eyes. It felt awful!

Yes, pronounciation is key! What happened to you happens to many people. That is why we practice pronounciation with you until you can speak correctly. And if that means an extra session where you can practice!

I cannot attend one class of the module I want to register for. What should I do?

For an extra fee, we can set up one private makeup class for with the teacher. We will also share the class materials with you. If you will miss more than two classes, you might want to pause and sign up for the next module instead.

Can I join any new module?

Yes. Every module is teaching content that is new to everyone. Before the start of a module, we make sure that you learn a few basic words and expressions that return frequently, such as greetings or thanking people. There might be a few people in the group who have taken previous modules, but that is rather helpful for you as you can learn from them. And our teachers ensure that nobody is left behind.

I feel classes boring! What should I do?

Come! Because our classes are interactive and fun, integrating games and roleplay. The more fun you have, the better you learn, and games are an effective way of memorizing content long-term, much more efficent than boring learning by heart!

I would like to come, but my younger child is still at home

We offer childcare! We have children, too, and know how limiting that can be at times. Just make sure you check in with us before signing up, because some facilities do not allow us to offer childcare and we want to make sure that you are covered! Also, please note that childcare does cost extra.

We are working with you to meet your needs – and if that means rowing up the river.

I am working full-time and cannot come to your daytime class.

We will offer evening classes soon. Finish your work and then relax during our fun classes!

I saw that your classes are one hour long and take place one a week. Isn’t a more intensive class more effective?

It is, you are right! We do know that you are under time constraints though, and we do think that one hour per week is manageable for everyone. If you prefer more frequent or longer classes, just let us know and we try to make them happen!

Will I learn any grammar during the class?

No. For every-day situations, you don’t need to understand grammar, plus the Hungarian Grammar can be tricky to learn. However, we are always happy to answer your questions, and will provide you with more material if you wish.

When I learned German and tried to use it in Germany, I just got so scared that I kept speaking in English. Will not the same happen again?

What you describe is a completely normal reaction. That is why we’ll help you overcome your fear: All of our classes include real life situations. Go and buy an apple in a fruit shop, order a coffee. The practice will make it easier for you to also talk Hungarian next time you’ll do the same.