Can I start with any of the course books?

Yes. Every book is teaching content that is new. If you took the free Foundations to Hungarian class, you are ready to go. Many people start with the Food & Drinks as that is the easiest to use in daily life.

Will your books help me reach A1 level?

What matters for us is that you can communicate in daily life so that you feel more comfortable living here. Hence, we don’t work with the Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR), because it relates to learning a language fully. And while it’s totally possible to speak Hungarian fluently, you would have to put in about 10 hours a week in order to become fluent while you are still living here. Is that what you want to do?

How do you select the teachers you work with?

We know all the teachers we recommend and have seen them teach. For us, it is important that teacher create a positive atmosphere and use interactive teaching methods. Also, they should stick to the relevant material to prevent you from feeling overloaded.

I am not sure I should learn Hungarian, because I’ll move in 2-3 years. What do you recommend?

Do learn everyday Hungarian as it is taught through our books, it makes a huge differene! Not only will you feel much more comfortable living in Hungary, but Hungarians will also be more friendly towards you. Our director is a German expat, she experienced it first hand!

I would like to learn, but my younger child is still at home

We can get you in touch with our favorite babysitting agency, Little Minds. They can send a babysitter so that you can learn peacefully.

Do the teachers help with pronunciation? I have tried to order a coffee in Hungarian and the waiter looked at me with a blank face and rolled her eyes. It felt awful!

Yes, pronunciation is key! What happened to you happens to many people. That is why the teachers we find for you practice pronunciation with you until you can speak correctly. And if that means an extra session where you can practice!

We are working with you to meet your needs – and if that means rowing up the river.

Will I learn any grammar in the books?

Yes, but grammar is limited to what is necessary. For every-day situations, you don’t need to understand much grammar, plus the Hungarian Grammar can be tricky to learn.

When I learned German and tried to use it in Germany, I just got so scared that I kept speaking in English. Will not the same happen again?

What you describe is a completely normal reaction. That is why we’ll help you overcome your fear: If you learn with a teacher, they will do real life practice with you. Go and buy an apple in a fruit shop, order a coffee. The practice will make it easier for you to also talk Hungarian next time you’ll do the same.