Seasoned Expat Experiences

When I looked around in the bus, I saw several of hostile faces, especially from elderly people. “Don’t talk so loud in German!”, I thought, while my two daughters were happily commenting on everything that passed by the window. My idea of Hungarians was that a huge proportion of them was racist, given the legally-elected government’s rhetoric against immigrants.

It took me several weeks until I first took public transport alone. For me, that experience was a big surprise. Although people could clearly not tell me apart from their fellow Hungarians (after all, Germans can look quite similar), I saw just as many closed, hostile seeming faces as before!

If anyone had been racist, it was me.

I learned that while some Hungarians might seem hostile, they are mostly reserved. Once they engage in a conversation, they are very kind and smile.

Since that moment, I don’t mind going by bus anymore – especially since I started learning Hungarian and can react to people speaking to me in Hungarian.

This post was written by our director Mechthild von Knobelsdorff who is a German expat herself. All our classes are given by native teachers.

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