In COVID times can be scary to live in another country where you do not speak the language, and where you might have to go to hospital. A lot of the doctors in Hungary do speak English, and many of them speak German. However, you cannot be sure that a nurse will understand what you say if you do not speak Hungarian.

In order to make your life easier and to make you feel more comfortable, we developed a Corona mini-dictionary for you.

CORONA Mini-Dictionary | Download the English Version

CORONA Mini- Wörterbuch | Zum Download der deutschen Version

CORONA Mini-Dictionnaire | Télécharger la version française

Корона Русский | Download the Russian Version

Audio Recording

Unsure how to pronounce the expressions in the mini-dictionary? No problem! We prepared an audio version for you.
To receive the audio, just sign up below, and in addition to the audio, you’ll receive more useful Health expressions and updates from us.