Hungarian For Expats was founded in summer 2018 by Mechthild von Knobelsdorff, an expat herself. While she takes Hungarian lessons twice per week on her own, she realized that many expats were not able to order a coffee in Hungarian – because there was no language classes tailored to expats’ needs. Hence, she founded Hungarian for Expats, where she develops the content together with experienced Hungarian teachers.

Our classes are organized in modules and only teach you survival Hungarian – just the basics you need to make life in Budapest more pleasant. You can apply the class material easily in your daily life, such as ordering a coffee, asking for the way or socializing with other people.

We do offer childcare in some of the classes, to allow everyone to attend classes, even moms of young children.

We strongly believe that speaking a language creates bridges between people. Our goal is to build thousands of little bridges between you and Hungarians. To bring you closer to Hungarian culture, we also introduce some cultural knowledge into our classes and organize cultural events such as Hungarian winetastings.

Budapest is so beautiful! We believe all expats deserve to experience the city fully – and that requires basic language skills.