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A DRONE? – Seasoned Expat Experiences
With 10 million inhabitants, Hungary has a relatively small population. It’s even more impressive how many Nobel Prices Hungarians have won since 1905 (13!) or, more recently, how many good films Hungarian filmmakers have made (Eg. Oscar winning Mephisto and Son of Saul). In 1981, another Hungarian film won an Oscar in the category of best animated short film A légy (“the fly”).
When I showed the three minute film to 7-year old Maya*, she first was confused. “What does it show?”, she asked me, a little annoyed. “From whose perspective do we see the film?”, I asked in return. “A drone?”, she asked. She is a real child of the 21st century…

If you haven’t watched the 3-minute film yet, do so!

*name changed