Hungarian For Expats was founded in summer 2018 by Mechthild von Knobelsdorff, an expat herself. While she takes Hungarian lessons twice per week on her own, she realized that many expats were not able to order a coffee in Hungarian - because there was no language classes tailored to expats' needs. Hence, she founded Hungarian for Expats, where she develops the content together with experienced Hungarian teachers.

Our classes are organized in modules and only teach you survival Hungarian – just the basics you need to make life in Budapest more pleasant. You can apply the class material easily in your daily life, such as ordering a coffee, asking for the way or socializing with other people.

We do offer childcare in some of the classes, to allow everyone to attend classes, even moms of young children.

We strongly believe that speaking a language creates bridges between people. Our goal is to build thousands of little bridges between you and Hungarians. To bring you closer to Hungarian culture, we also introduce some cultural knowledge into our classes and organize cultural events such as Hungarian winetastings.

Expat Specific
Interactive and Applied
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Morning Group Classes & Childcare
We want to enable everyone to come. We’ll provide the babysitter, you bring your child – and can have a small break during class! And don't worry, you can also attend those classes without bringing a child!
Private Classes for Firms and Individuals
If non of the above offers work for you, we can organize private classes for you – whether week-day or weekend. Contact us for more details. Contact us to arrange a private class.
Evening Group Classes
If you are working in a full-time position, but want to learn Hungarian, this is the perfect class for you. Finish your work and then relax during our fun classes! Coming soon! Sign-up for updates!

Language Modules

Our modules are theme specific and six weeks long each, 1.5 hours per session. This way, you can choose to learn only what you are interested in. You are not interested in Buying Clothes? Just skip that module and take the next one!

Every module contains expat-relevant stories, role play and other interactive exercises and real-life practice.



We assembled a great team to create the best learning experience for you. In addition, our native speakers are helping you to get started on Hungarian.
Isabella "Bella" Sersli
Isabella "Bella" Sersli

Creative Content Developer

Bella is developing the content together with Mechthild and also teaches for Hungarian For Expats. Bella loves teaching Hungarian and English, which she has done for more than 15 years. She can also speak Romanian and is learning Persian and has two grown-up sons.

Mechthild "Maggie" von Knobelsdorff
Mechthild "Maggie" von Knobelsdorff

Director and Creative Mind

Based on Mechthild's own expat experiences, she develops the class content together with experienced teachers. Although she is not a natural language learner, she can speak 5 languages. For her, languages are opening the gate to the world. So it was a no-brainer that she would learn Hungarian as well. Mechthild has two daughters and likes to read, swim and drink whiskey.

Krisztina Hartmann
Krisztina Hartmann


Krisztina Hartmann is a Latin and English teacher, and loves teaching her mother tongue Hungarian. Krisztina loves to give cultural guidance for living in Hungary.

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